Responsible Travel

Sustainable Tourism

St Hilda Sea Adventures is an environment-friendly family and groups holiday, operating a responsible travel policy. Our trips start and finish at or close to railway stations, bus stations and ferry terminals; this makes it easy for our guests to travel to Oban or to the Holy Loch Marina by rail, bus and ferry and we provide you with information which will encourage you to use public transport.

All our cruises operate on a strict “leave only a wake” policy. Whenever possible we sail (depending on weather conditions) and if we have to use the engine we run it at very low revolutions to reduce fuel consumption and pollution. Our “leave only a wake” policy is explained by the skipper at the start of the trip and practiced by guests and crew throughout the trip. Sailing is, of course, a very sustainable mode of travel as well as providing environmentally friendly holidays.

The company depends largely on the internet and word of mouth for marketing to reduce paper waste. Our onboard policy is that all rubbish is brought ashore and we have a strict recycling policy of all non organic waste. 

We also have a very strict “look and leave alone” approach for our holidays, with regards to the wildlife and marine ecosystem.  Throughout the trip our “leave only a wake “ policy is reinforced by the skipper and crew.

We use all local products and mostly local services with the intention of helping to support local businesses, create employment and contribute to the overall sustainable development of Oban and of the Sandbank/Dunoon region.

Tourism is increasingly a vital part of the income for the local residents of Oban, the Inner and Outer Hebrides and of the somewhat remote, isolated but beautiful region of the Cowal peninsular. 

St Hilda Sea Adventures is very aware of the special nature of the environment in which it operates and makes every effort to run the boat in a way that protects the pristine places it visits.