St Hilda Sea Adventures Menus

Menus Afloat

Food on board is prepared every day from fresh ingredients, using locally sourced food and speciality produce whenever possible. Vegetarians and special diets can be catered for. We serve morning coffee and afternoon tea. There is always a "help yourself" fruit bowl available in the main saloon.

You can fish from the boat and your catch can be served for dinner. All our guests say that they have never tasted anything more delicious than their freshly caught and cooked mackerel!

Here is a taste of the type of meals that the chef produces each day from the galley:


Choose from a selection of cereals and muesli or porridge, fresh fruit, yoghurt, warm bread with honey, marmalade and preserve, soft boiled free-range eggs and tea and/or coffee.


Each day a platter offering some of the following is served: a selection of cheeses, smoked salmon, saucisson, ham, tuna or salmon salads, salad with tomatoes and green salad, with freshly baked bread rolls. Home made soup is also often prepared in the morning.

Evening Meal

Each evening, following the aperitif, we serve a different main course, a selection of cheeses and a dessert. Here are some examples of the main courses and desserts:

  • Grilled catch of the day (mackerel/cod/monkfish) with paprika, pepper, garlic/onions served with new potatoes and vegetables.
    Homemade apple crumble and cream or natural yoghurt.
  • Roasted lamb stuffed peppers, courgettes and aubergines served with rice.
    Fresh Scottish summer fruits and cream or natural yoghurt.
  • Braised leeks wrapped in bacon with new potatoes and vegetables.
    Homemade lemon syllabub.
  • Gratin Dauphinois with salad or vegetables.
    Poires Belle Helene.
  • Omelette Baveuse, new potatoes and tomato and garlic salad and Portuguese carrot salad.
    Crème caramel or Crème chocolat.

Other Popular Main Courses

  • Shepherd's pie with homemade Bolognaise and salad or fresh vegetables.
  • Roast free range chicken with homemade mashed potatoes and fresh vegetables.
  • Aberdeen Angus beef stew with homemade mashed potatoes and fresh vegetables.
  • Smoked Scottish salmon, new potatoes, freshly baked bread, green bean salad with a vinaigrette dressing.
  • Roast leg of Scottish lamb with garlic and garden-grown Rosemary, new potatoes, fresh vegetables and flageolet beans.
  • Kedgeree, served with tomato and onion salad, mango chutney and lime pickle.
  • Ham cooked in a potato and leek soup, new potatoes, cauliflower salad, beetroot salad and carrot salad.

There is a very good chance of catching mackerel, which we cook with ginger and spring onions or bake in the oven. There is also the possibility of lobster, crab and prawns from our own creels. Two complimentary bottles of wine are served with the evening meal; otherwise, feel free to bring your own alcohol.


Between meals there is a plentiful supply of tea, coffee, fresh fruits, juices and a choice of good quality chocolate, biscuits and cakes. Afternoon tea often consists of warm scones served with clotted cream and preserves. 

Special dietary requirements?

Do not hesitate to contact us 

Reasons to book

  • Breakfast, snacks, lunch and dinner
  • Locally sourced food
  • Pre-dinner aperitif & wine with dinner

Lovely, lovely, lovely. Awesome crew, awesome guests, awesome experience!

Olive, August 2017